V.92 Protocol
What is V.92?

V.92 is the dial-up modem specification that adds some convenient features and improves dialup Internet performance.

Using V.92

In order to take advantage of V.92 features your computer must have a V.92 modem installed. Most computers purchased within the last year come with V.92 modems. Check the specifications from your modem manufacturer. If you have a V.92 modem the performance features will automatically work for you. The effectiveness of specific features will vary from modem to modem.

Benefits fo V.92 modems
  • Taking Phone Calls While Online

    V.92 allows calls to be taken while you are on the Internet. If you are connected to the Internet, your computer can alert you when someone is calling you. You can answer the call and, as long as you keep the call to no longer than 4 minutes, your Internet connection will not be dropped.

    You must have Call-Waiting service from your telephone company for this to work. In order for your computer to identify incoming calls, you must have Caller ID service. How your computer alerts you of incoming calls depends on the model of your modem and the software included with it. Some configuration may be required.

  • Quick Connect

    You are probably familiar with the "squeal, squawk, poing, poing" sounds modems make when connecting. These sounds occur when they are running tests to determine the optimum connection configuration. V.90 modems run these tests every time you connect. With V.92 modems, the tests are run once and the configuration is saved. On subsequent connections the saved configuration is used; no tests are needed. On average, the amount of time it takes to get connected is reduced by 30 to 40 percent.

  • Increased Speed

    V.92 improves compression and shrinks data to a smaller size for download. Smaller size data means less time to download. Thus, in general your download speed will increase. The most noticeable benefit will be that Web pages will load faster.

    V.92 modems can improve upload speeds as well. They have a possible maximum of 48kbps. The maximum for V.90 is 33.6kbps. Benefits include reduced transfer time for sending large attachments in e-mail messages, faster uploading files to an FTP site, and quicker response in interactive applications such as online games. Also uploading information from electronic equipment such as digital cameras will be faster.